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The Title Search Process

  • Published 2023-03-09
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  • Customer Service verifies legal property description and how title to real property is held
  • Preliminary order and title search are opened
  • Preliminary search of real property is done
  • Title search examines real property records, general index records and tax records
  • Examiner reviews complete search package and writes preliminary report
  • Data processor enters preliminary title information into computer and prepares preliminary report
  • Prelims are sent to escrow and lenders
  • New documents, demands and statement of information submitted to title company
  • Escrow authorizes recording of new documents in the transaction
  • Documents are recorded, confirmation of recording is received and liens of record are paid off
  • Title officer writes title policies
  • Data processor prepares final title policies
  • Title policies released to client

Buyer & Seller Guide

Glossary of Terms

The following is a short glossary of commonly used terms during your escrow transaction. For a more complete glossary

Close Costs and Who Pays What

Closing costs are what the buyer and seller will pay as part of the escrow transaction. Some fees are negotiable between the seller and buyer

Real Property Tax Dates

The following schedule lists some of the more significant dates for California property taxes affecting property owners.


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