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The Benefits of the Statement of Information

  • Published 2023-03-09
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We Care About Protecting Your Personal Information


Q. What is a Statement of Information?

A. Statements of Information provide title companies with the information they need to distinguish the buyers and sellers of real property from others with similar names. After identifying the true buyers and sellers, title companies may disregard the judgments, liens or other matters on the public records under similar names.


Q. What does a Statement of Information do?
A. A properly completed Statement of Information will allow the title company to differentiate between parties with the same or similar names when searching documents recorded by name.


Q. What type of information is requested on a Statement of Information?

A. Types of information include your full name, social security number, year of birth, birthplace, marital status, etc.


Q. Will the Statement of Information I supply be kept confidential?
A. Yes, your privacy is very important to us, and all the information we collect will be handled responsibly, and kept completely confidential.


Q. What happens if a buyer, seller, or borrower fails to provide the requested Statement of Information?
A. Per the California Association of Realtors® contract, sellers are required to provide the Statement of Information to their escrow holder within 7 days of acceptance of the contract. Without a Statement of Information, it would be necessary for the title company to list as exceptions from coverage judgements, liens or other matters which may affect the property to be insured. Such exceptions would be unacceptable to most lenders—whose interest must also be insured—and will prohibit the close of escrow.

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